Saturday, April 30, 2011

el fin.

it's official.
michael g. scott 
is gone.
left the building.
moving to boulder.
and i bawled.
like a baby who's teething.
i cried harder during this episode 
than i did during lost.

my heart is officially broken.

oh, and i hate will ferrell now. 


kylee said...

this is why i'm glad i stopped watching the show awhile back. i surely don't need any more sad endings to good shows.

Blace said...

I hate him too. I keep thinking to myself "What Now?...WHAT NOW!?!1?"

The death of my favorite show.

Kandice said...

we couldn't bring ourselves to watch any episode past half of the fifth season.... is will ferrell replacing him?!

if so, this is the ONLY kind of moment i can say that's not a good move for him.. i'm will ferrell's biggest fan {with such great films as anchorman and step brothers.. even talledega nights} but when he does stuff like going into what is NOW a crappy show... staring in semi pro.... his terrible role in eastbound and down... and the whole concept of the goods: live hard sell hard ... well then that's when i'm disappointed. but i love him so i forgive him.

take it back.

hahahah ;P

Kaleena J. said...

haha it's okay. me and my 2 sisters also cried. i really did expect me to be THAT sad about it.

jessie said...

so sad. so sad. so sad.
all good things must come to an end.

Kandice said...

but it's good for steve carrell to get outta there though. at least there's that, right?

so. the summer of 2008 i watched anchorman every single night and can now recite it verbatim.. as long as the movie's going. i'm not that impressive to do it on my own.

i would love to serenade you in nice little anchorman lines when we finally hang again. k?

also i laughed SO HARD at #3
i even turned to sean and made him listen to me read off your list
{he already knew what we were talking about because i had to ask him all of those bad things that will ferrell was in, you see}

S and O said...

hahahaha I'm totally agreeing with you about that very last part (in tiny text)...
Gosh the office is just not going to be the same with out him!

Diana Smith said...

Will Ferrell does not do him leaving justice! I didn't even think he was funny in the episode either...oh well. You know that the show is just going to die down and probably get canceled because Michael was THE OFFICE!!

Julia_Julia said...


Krystal said...

i am a whole season behind so i don't have to say my goodbye for awhile. maybe i'll just never watch it again to avoid it :( :( i like your blog!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

ok i am a season behind and haven't made it this far but when it happens i will bawl harder than LOST too, i think. and i cried a LOT during that finale...

wilybrunette said...

i cried too. the meeting at the airport?! i'm so angry. i haven't liked these last few episodes with mr. ferrell.

Ayley said...

i couldn't even watch it.

Heather Feather said...

I cried too! lots. my husband laughed at me. It'll never be the same without him!

Julie and Jesse said...