Friday, April 29, 2011

my eyes have been drooling all day.

i'm sorry.
i'm sure you've all had an overload
about the royal wedding.
but i can't help it.
they look so in love.
the real kind.
the forever kind.
i'm crossing my fingers for those two.
oh yeah, and just like every other girl in the world,
 on a sidenote:
i finally watched their movie yesterday and i think that's what put me over the edge. i told beth i wanted to marry a royal and had her look up the list for me.
dang that kate for picking the best one.


katrina said...

hahaha can i come to your royal wedding? ill wear the most fabulous hat, i promise. (but dont worry i wont outshine the bride, ill stay classy)


im crossing my fingers too.

Cat said...

OMG...I want her dress too!!!! Is it not the most beautiful wedding dress you have ever seen!??!?! I almost fell off my chiar the first time I saw pictures of it this morning!

Drool-worthy for sure!

{oh, and how about their kiss on the balcony...wasn't it the sweetest?}

xx Cat brideblu

Ashley said...

number one: love your blog title!!!

number two: isn't that dress to die for?!? I want it too!

Natasha Louise said...

:) It's true, such a nice dress!! Well there is always Harry??? Haha.... you'll have to train first though, learn the posh lingo mixed with a bit of the norm, mixed with a bit of gangster (true story, no joke) oh and if you cross your legs, thats definately out of the question! the list goes on! hahahahaha

lauren said...

you better believe that I watched the movie after seeing this post. Love them even more now.

Dree said...

How perfect was the wedding?! Seriously, that dress is just phenomenal {I feel like I'm using so many words I've never used before to describe everything}. I'm all into Harry now, because you can still get the benefit of a beautiful wedding and the great title and prestige without the same amount of work. I totally take the lazy way out.

So the movie was worth the watch? I'll have to watch it!

Lauren said...

the whole thing was perfection - i love how she was channeling Grace Kelly!

Haylee said...

Overload? no freakin way, I could talk about the fairytale wedding all week. I'm serious, it like never gets old for me for some reason! And k that movie, CUTEST THING EVER. I hadn't seen it before so I'm soo glad you posted it.
By the way, you better have been serious when you asked if we could be friends because I'm officially considering us blog besties now. :)

Lexi Hill. said...

her dress was AMAZING!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i actually can't believe how perfect her dress is. or our perfect the whole thing was. i didn't even think i cared, either!

Maggy said...

yay :) with so many royal wedding nay-sayers out there, this was nice to read! Haven't seen the movie yet, but plan to catch it when I can!