Thursday, March 24, 2011

what's the story wishbone?

i never really understood why/how he got all the ladies.
anyone mind solving that puzzle for me?
on a sidenote, i think my mouth is broken.
lyke fur reelz.
there's a little spot that is incredibly tender.
it hurts when my pearly whites rub against it
which is a problem since my mouth is their home.
it's been about a week and it's not going away.
i should go buy some baby orajel.
yes, baby.
i firmly believe baby anything cures everything.
i've drawn arrows to direct you straight to the devil spot.
i'm thinking about giving him a name. 
like satan.


Mandy said...

You are so funny. And I'm flattered your mom reads my blog. Geez I better start doing better posts.

beth said...

did you really post about wishbone? wow.....