Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sit and shimmy.

driving home from school today 
i was blasting and rocking out to this song.
{i love it.}
i had to wait for a gray line bus to pass in order to make my left turn
so i took the extra time to really get into the song.
as the bus passed, the lady driver just gawked.
eyes bulging, mouth hanging wide open, shrieked gasps
the whole nine yards.
i knew my moves were good, 
but i didn't know they were that good.

long live gaga.


Diana Smith said...

such a great song!! Its fun to blast your music while driving home!

Anonymous said...

HI! I love reading your blog :) So, I am supposed to give a presentation in my Spanish class tomorrow about the use of hand gestures in Latin America/Spain... and I'm afraid I don't know much about it. I remembered your post a few weeks ago, so I'm totally going to use that video to introduce my presentation :) I'm going to do some research today about it, but it would be weird for me to ask you to maybe do a little post about that today? I would love to get an "insider's opinion" :) Thanks, btw, for the sweet blog! It's so fun to read!