Sunday, March 27, 2011

party and party and yeah

saturday was my favorite day of march.
the festival of colors.
this year was so much better than last year.
beth and ash were very patient with my motherly obsession of taking their pictures.
those are my homemade snooki shades for halloween
clearly i didn't have time to add the rhinestones. 
this is my "angry bethanie" series. 
ashley loved the llamas. so much.
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ashley looked like such a hipster with her bandana.
i love my crackers. 
on the walk back to the car my friend damien decided it would be funny
to pour the entire contents of a purple color bag on my head.
i kind of love it and wish i could dye my hair purple.
but according to khyrie i can't because it's "not professional."
i'm also considering bringing back green eye shadow. 
i love these children with all my heart.
viva le krishna!


kylee said...

goodness i wish i had been in town for this. every year i seem to be gone.

Kari said...

bah. i knew there was a reason i was supposed to stop on my way home from vegas for this. i could have stalked you. lame.