Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i got it from my mama

my mom called me and told me she's going crazy because she's not allowed to talk to her sisters on the phone. our conversation went as follows:

mami: brissa, i miss my sisters
brissa: well mami, why don't you talk to them?
mami: because i can't!!
brissa: why?!
mami: i spoke 5,000 minutes last month so daddy said i couldn't. 
mami: yes. after he saw the bill he said "nope. no more."
brissa: aaahahahahha
mami: brissa, i think i'm going to get ear cancer!
brissa: (still laughing) what? why?
mami: didn't you hear me? FIVE THOUSAND minutes on the phone! you know how people's lungs look when they smoke? that's how the inside of my ear looks because of all those minutes.
brissa: oh mami, you're crrrrazy. i don't think you can get phone cancer from that.
mami: whatever brissa. 

at this point in the story i broke out in song. more specifically, i started singing 'mama mia' and mami joined in and certain points making "tacka-tacka-esque" sounds as well as including a few background vocals. she abruptly stopped singing, i finished my stanza and asked her why she stopped. this is how she reacted...

mami:ooh i'm so bored! i need to call my sisters! i've already cleaned the house, done the laundry, got dinner ready and now i'm just sitting here... ah! i have to go.
brissa: what? whhhy?!?!
mami: because your dad will be home soon and i need to get ready.
brissa: it's 4:30 and you're still not ready?!?!
mami: i just need to talk to my sisters! i'm going crazy! 
brissa: haha. i'm going to tell beth this entire conversation.
mami: what?! beth is there and you're talking on the phone? you have such bad manners! go talk to beth i need to hurry and get ready. oh and tell my white daughter i love her.
brissa: what about me?!
mami: yeah you too. 

i love my family. 

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Tell your mom to use Skype!