Wednesday, February 9, 2011

thoughts on...

  1. classy piano drums
  2. fancy guitar
  4. the bellbottoms have bellbottoms?!?!?!
  5. what is with poofball's angel wing sleeves?
  6. hahaha overalls. sequin trimmed overalls
  7. don't worry, his platform boots are also sequined trimmed
  8. the only classy one is the piano man. 
  9. what the cape?!
  10. scratch that..his velvet, tiger stripped jacket is puke-worthy 
  11. side.snap.side.snap. classic dance move. 
  12. the profile shot.
  13. his hair is painful. 
  14. hers takes up more than half the shot.
  15. wtf? why'd she just batman swoop?
  16. ooooh i get it. hello mouth. 
  17. you'd think with all their money, money, money those swedes could fix their pearly {off} whites...
  18. "okay now you girls go back-to-back but don't touch." - director
  19. those poor men. 
  20. oh the hair. the hair. the HAIR.
  21. lace up onesies are suuuper sexy.
  22. love the synchronized bobbing from los rico suaves. 
  23. does anyone else remember when chokers were big? bahaha. 
  24. ew ew ew. zoom in on the beard.
  25. mole alert at 2:15
  26. my little buddy in the overalls is so happy. like a little kid in a candy shop. 
  27. 3:00. blondie. is it me or does it look like she is struggling with the lyrics?
  28. i wonder what strange love squares stemmed from this group. 

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Krista said...

The first thing Sam and I ever did together was go to an Abba tribute band concert. They had the same clothes and dance moves. It was AMAZING.

Also I'm pretty sure the blond girl was married to one of the boys at some point and after they got divorced, she wrote "The Winner Takes It All." Look it up. My favorite Abba song.