Thursday, January 6, 2011


the other day as i was driving with some friends to the bookstore,
i looked to my left and saw a woman in her car
eating a cafe rio salad!!!
for those of you that don't know the deliciousness of a
pork barbacoa salad, you're missing out and should go eat one now.
you also need to understand these things are monstrous!
the fact that she was balancing that flimsy foil container
and eating while driving worries me.
i tried to take a picture but my flash went off
{stupid pizzle}
but i'm going to share it anyway.
because it's proof.
disregard the flash.
and trust me,
she's there.
that lady is giving a bad name to woman drivers' everywhere.


lauren said...

there is a cafe rio 15 minutes from me. Now i have no excuse to visit utah, sorry!

Justin Traasdahl said...

oh the things we do for cafe rio