Thursday, January 6, 2011

attn: winter

i don't like you right now.
you have caused the following to happen to me.
here is a better representation.
{because we're both brown and it paints a more accurate picture for you.}
it's really quite annoying.
all i want to do is comb my bangs and brush my hair 
but it starts sticking to me.
my bangs get suctioned to my forehead and stick to it like a fly to glue.
it makes me want to punch your face if you had one.
allz i'm saying is you better watch your back winter,
anyone who gives me static this crazy deserves a punishment.
i'm coming for you.
i will find you

1 comment:

Kelsey Jamison said...

okay, i had this problem 2 years ago, and this is what worked for me: I went and go a moisturizing shampoo ( according to my stylist, static is caused by dry hair.) I use Paul Mitchell's Awapui. It's great. Also, try lightly running a dryer sheet over your head. Weird, but it totally works to calm the frizz.