Wednesday, January 26, 2011

attn: j.woww.

not the skanky one.
this one.
because you deleted your facebook
and i know you check this page while you're "slaving way at work,"
this message is for you.
copied straight from the website you love to hate.

DaxFlame has done the unthinkable and turned TWO YEARS OLD!!!
This is definitely a reason to celebrate!
Please join us for the following:

- edible goldfish
- his favorite cocktail
- rockband
- the baby maker
- a venomous dance party
- the harry potter closet
- seven minutes in heaven

Get some.

♥ Le Tigre

i'm expecting an rsvp. 
if you have any questions/concerns you know where to reach me. 

1 comment:

kelli christine case said...

you watch daxflame? brisaa you rock my world. seriously. i love daxflame ahahahahhaahah