Wednesday, December 29, 2010

feng shui.

last night mommy, ashley and i stayed up until 1:30.
we chatted and laughed.
it was golden.
i haven't heard mami laugh that loud and hearty in a while.
after the conversation ended she went downstairs.
i thought she was going to bed.
she came up five-ish minutes later with a little white pill in hand.
"take this and go to sleep."
ah the perks of being under the same roof
as my melatonin dealer.
she just asked what technology will be like for my kids.
"cameras in their earrings?"
she also just told me  i needed a personal robot.
that way it can get me my water bottle so she won't have to.

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kelli christine case said...


your blog is off the hook.

i luv it.

keeeep bloggggging.