Friday, October 8, 2010


seriously i feel so fuh-REAKING legit.
i'm sorry i keep talking about myself.
but i just had to tell someone.
i'm famous.
here's why. 
so i log on to twitter
{yes i have a twitter. don't hate.}
and i see this:
my first thought.
"omg. omg omg."
so i click on the link
and scroll down to my featured tweet.
i felt so legit being included with all the other
new gap logo haters
but seriously, gap! what are you smoking?!!
why on earth would you change your logo
to something a three year old can draw?
if you, like i, hate the new crap gap logo
you'll LOVE this

*there is no symbolism behind this title.  i just let my fingers go crazy on the keyboard.


Carrie Ann said...

seriously. the new logo is awfuuuuullll. so horrible.

Brissa said...

i knnooooooooooow!!! so freaing ugly. i hate it. and them now.

Justin Traasdahl said...

I like the crap logo website...amazing

Anna said...

What the what...CONGRATS.

Bridget said...

hahaha thats so funny- i just logo'd myself and got an ugly old bridget with a blue square. okay i thought things were supposed to get cooler with time not ug-er.

gap, you did me wrong.

and yes, i am reading MORE of your "ramblings" as you call them! and im not even family!!!

Brissa said...

Hahaha yes!!! To everything you said.