Monday, May 10, 2010


this weekend i went home.  home is so, so good right now.
friday was family day.  i caught up with james. watched a movie with daddy.  did the dishes.  talked with my  mama.  and saw ashley for five seconds.

saturday i went to costco with daddy.  i got new contacts and went to buy my craisins, granola, and v8 fusion buuut apparently costco has a new rule.  you can't make a purchase with a card that has a different name than the costco member.  what a dumb rule.  i wasn't happy.  so i said, "really?  that's dumb.  i don't want it then."  and i left.

after costco i went to kohl's and target with mommy and ash.  i got some really cute skirts and dresses that i'm really excited to wear.  after galavanting "around town" (if you can call c-ville a town), i fixed my face and played with the bp.

hill, beth, scott, tamsen, karissa {beth & scott's cousin} and i went and got rainbows from the one and only pace's. peach with a little extra syrup. they were heavenly.  on the way there we rolled down the windows and blasted the rocket summer.  after rainbows we headed to open mic night to hear tamsen's brother play a little diddy.  we rocked out to harry and the potters and reminisced about the concert. 

at open mic night we explored a little bit but i got scared when the motion-censored lights came on and scott said i ran fast and looked like a scared little kid.  but in my defense, we climbed over the little fence blocking off the first floor, and i wasn't sure if there were cameras up there.  and if there were cameras, i had to hide my face.  i also sat in my very first stair chair.  i turned it on, but it didn't work. pity.

after open mic, i decided that we should drop by and surprise khyrie.  so we did.  we kidnapped her from her casita and we all went to island view park.  we played on the swings, talked, laughed, and mocked {each other, don't worry}.  it was almost like that perfect summer i told you about.

oh and sunday was mothers day. i love my mommy.

all in all this weekend was golden.
mmm mmm good.

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