Wednesday, May 5, 2010

the only good even.

last night i got to talking with my bff jill.
we talked for a while about the best summer centerville ever had.
it was the summer of oh-six.
actually, that whole school year (05-06) was the best.
but that summer?
was golden.

i'm going to spice this up with some old skool photographs in a bit
but i just want to let you know how we ruled c-ville.

frequenting our local pace's for rainbows.
epic prank wars.
my car got saran wrapped at least 4 times that summer.
soap messages on the driveway.
swimming at beths' aunts pool.
toilet papering houses.
getting tortilla-ed.
playing with chauncey/harry {aka: the cutest puppy ever!}
packing peanut battles.
baseball almost every night in the sandlot.
cruising in the saturn, windows down, sunroof open, blasting some trs.
climbing roofs.
jumping on trampolines.
converse club.
visiting the big foot trail.
going to the drive-in.
scaring khyrie on the ted bundy trail.
no drama.
going to concerts.
pizza eating contest.
dee's at 1:11 in the am.
secret sleepovers.
fighting for the middle.
king kukamunga.
riding the tandem.
d-bar runs.
island view park.
castle park.

golden i tell you.
it has been my favorite summer of all time.
i honestly don't think it can ever be topped.

WARNING:  not all of these pictures are attractive. not all of these pictures are from that summer. i'll load up more appropriate ones when i go home this weekend.


beth said...

i love this so much. can we go back please?

wonderful.words.of.khyrie.tess said...

I can almost guarantee I love it more. I and long for it more. And thinking about that summer makes me so happy I almost want to cry.