Tuesday, November 25, 2014

wiiknd: so much good food. so many snuggles.

a visit to the doctor.
jude = sore throat + cold + ear infection.
quesarrito. finally. yessss.
a legitimately 100% homemade meal.
(minus the crescent rolls).
the office.

snow flurries.
productive nap time.
property brothers.
tomato soup + grilled cheese.
baby buddies.
coffee table track race
apple crisp + salted caramel sauce.
the office.

stake conference.
property brothers.
baby play time.
all the football games.
apps & zerts.
property brothers.
the office.
five week freak out.
bedtime snuggles.


Alyssa Monahan said...

Amen to your choices of shows- looks similar to my days just before my 2nd was born a month ago :)

Ashley said...


I'm using that in a sentence today!!

Julie and Jesse said...

eeeeek only 5 more weeks!!!

meg bird said...

Tomato soup and grilled cheese? I mean COME on! What is better.

Maybe some things, realistically. But it is so delicious.