Monday, November 24, 2014


strange as it may sound, i often feel left out when i don't get tagged in a #widn on instagram. ridiculous, i know. it's almost like a get a flashback to fourth grade when we'd play 'popcorn' while we read from our textbooks and no one would call on me. i always wanted to get called, it just rarely happened.

so, here i am, tagged for the first time in my life by two separate people who want to know what i'm doing now. and can you guess what i've done with this golden opportunity? absolutely nothing. because that's what i'm doing. judie-girl is sick and snotty and snuggly and sweet. we spend our days watching daniel tiger or pooh's christmas or mickey's christmas (or any christmas cartoon on netflix) and snuggle and play when she's feeling up for it. i've barely taken a picture on my phone since last saturday. our days are calm and our nights are peaceful. 

cory and i have started putting our phones away when he gets home from work and it's been wonderful. it kind of makes me wonder why we didn't do it sooner. we are more invested in each other, in our conversations and, especially, in jude. she gets our full attention and she loooves it. after dinner, cory and jude will play in the living room while i clean up. laughter and clanking dishes have become the anthem of my evenings and i love it.

so, i guess that's what i'm doing. nothing and everything. everything in life and nothing online. i haven't posted a 'gram in three weeks and it's kind of ridiculous and kind of stressful, but, honestly, who cares? i have been spending more time with my family and working on our home and pressuring cory into bringing home the christmas decorations before thanksgiving. it doesn't sound like much, but it fills my days and my heart.

but, i guess to answer the question, i'm mostly just trying to ignore the fact that in F I V E W E E K S we will be bringing another sweet baby into this world and into our home and into our hearts.

you guys, five weeks is nothing and it's absolutely terrifying.
lololz to my non-relevant pictures from october.
one day i'll remember how to blog.
but probably not. 


Kayla said...

b, you are such a rockstar. really though, it takes courage to put internet life away & focus on real, raw, unfiltered life, where all of your affirmation has to come from yourself & knowing you're living a worthwhile existence.

jude is such a lucky girl to have you as her mama, same goes for ezra. also, post more pictures of jude on insta, will you? GEEEZ.

ashley. said...

i get you. though this entire post, i get you. (except the pregnant part...)

kyliebrooke|s said...

remember a long time ago when you commented on my blog and you were like "try deleting twitter and fb!" and so i was too scared at that moment to do that, but i did, recently. It's made a world of difference.
Next challenge accepted: phones away when i walk in the door - i want to be like you and focused on being fully present.


Julie and Jesse said...

i love your bump!

carla thorup said...

Your belly plus Judey Cow plus your phonelessness inspires me on the reg.

I lurve you.

meg bird said...

I love your life. I think if more people lived a life like this, the world would be much more enjoyable to exist in.