Monday, September 15, 2014

wiiknd: "i think it's an arby's night." - david puddy

belita's house.
baby tights.
no food freak-out.
caramel caribou. 
kill joy.
bff jill to the rescue.
goodbye, old blue.
cory = coheed & cambria heaven.
brissa = gossip girl + ice cream.

early up.
judie drop off.
stow and go dreams came true.
diva baby.
brigham city reception.
ergo + jude = calm, cool, collected.
babies are bread hogs.
coolest church building ever.
mother's room of my dreams.
lesson prep freak-out.
crazy, psycho baby.
ice cream.
all hail puddy.

synchronized wake up times.
happy baby.
oatmeal + banana bread + jude = worst idea ever.
2.5 hours.
mama's birthday dinner.

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