Wednesday, September 10, 2014


it was 9:13
the sun had set and the sky glowed that familiar dusty blue
that comes before night falls.
cory brought a sleeping jude into the room to be swaddled.
i shut the laptop and he asked me what i was doing.
and even in the dim light,
i saw a faint smile cross his face.
i wrapped my little girl up
and he put his hand on the slope of my neck and whispered,
"i love when you write."

and that's why i do it.
because as long as he believes in me
and in my words and in my ability,
even when i don't,
it's worth it.
because he makes me better.
because he makes me strong.


meg bird said...

This is beautiful :) It's pretty amazing what a difference a supportive husband makes.

Shambray Matthews said...

This is so sweet! I love it when you write too! You guys are the cutest!

-Danica- said...

That's what marriage is supposed to be - right there. You guys have it.

Also that's Harry potters birthday, so, good things are bound to happen

Ashley said...

*ahem* we all believe in your ability. I think you should look into being a freelancer for BuzzFeed. Just saying.

Cassie Traasdahl said...

you're amazing.

Rachel Vidmar said...

This is exactly what Andy does when I have my sketchbook out. He loves when I draw. Supportive husbands are the bomb diggety.

Kari said...

i love you two.

kylie said...

this is beautiful. always write.