Tuesday, September 30, 2014

one am is basically an all-nighter for us now.

last night was one of those nights
that makes any day infinitely better.
cory got back late from work
so we had a quiet (read: jude-free) dinner, talked about our days
and decided to pair the brooklyn nine-nine premier with ice cream.
after a solid premier (new girl and mindy could learn something from jake peralta),
we took our cold medicine, said our prayers, kissed each other goodnight
and rolled to our respective sides ready for those zzz's to take over.
sleep did not come as quickly as we thought it would.
as exhausted as we were, 
i'm so glad the sand man stayed away. 
we stayed up until one talking and joking and laughing.
it was basically one giant ginger snap.
oh the lawlz that were had! 

last night was a testament to my belief
that the little things in life are what make it so wonderful.
late night jokes and talks about absolutely nothing
were just what i needed.
even if he did keep singing "shake it off."

last night was such a simple reminder 
of why i fell in love with cory,
why he is so good for me,
and why i am so blessed to have him in my life.

i love that boy.
and i really, really love being his wife. 


Shelby said...

I love this lady. I had a very similar night (only it started at three in the morning). It truly is the little things that make you remember why you fell in love in the first place.

kylie said...

this is so sweet.

Megan Thorne said...

and i love this so much. one day, im gonna have that.

carla thorup said...

best reason to be tired the next day. love you guys.