Wednesday, August 20, 2014

i don't even know what to title these things anymore.

i've been on an ugly betty binge
and i have absolutely no idea why.
she's finally getting her freaking braces off.

the kickin' mango slurpee
from the sev is my jam this summer.
unfortunately, i've only been able to find it at one location.

i told cory not to spill creamie
on our 2 for $20 pillows.
he just looked at me and asked me why
i didn't care about him spilling on the couch
that cost way more than $20.

jude is teething and it's going nuts. 
nuts as in her four front teeth
coming in all at once. 
please. send. help. 

all i want to do is be an a-list celeb
on this dang kim k. game.
don't ask me why it matters so much to me.
but right now, it's everything.
i wait for jude to nap so i can play.
if i can't be kim's bff in real life, 
i can settle for this. 

1 comment:

Kandice Breinholt said...

liam grew all four of his front teeth at the same time too. currently, those four halves are all he has!

so darn endearing and goofy.

(real goofy.)