Thursday, July 17, 2014

gimme all the soup.

nothing breaks my heart more 
than a sick baby. 
except maybe two sick babies.
at the same time. 
especially when they're both mine. 

judie girl and cory are down for the count.
which means our home will be filled with 
 mystery science theater 3000,
daniel tiger's neighborhood, 
and heartbreaking little baby coughs 
for the next little bit. 

on the bright side,
i don't have to share my queso with 
a n y b o d y . 
popsicles for everyone. 


Alissa said...

What gives with being sick in July? I hope they both feel better soon, and I hope you eat all the queso before then.

Shambray said...

Oh my I feel so bad for sick babes! Do you need anything? Let me know if you need me to bring you guys something!

Ashley said...

"especially when they're both mine."


kylie said...

i hope your household gets well soon because being sick in the summer SUCKSSSSSSS