Tuesday, June 17, 2014

there is no rhyme. there is no reason.

pro tip:
stick a wipe between your boobs to warm it up 
when changing a sleeping babe. 
works every time.

i'm back on the iphone grind.
hollllaaaa/finally/thank heavens for an amazing husband.
i just went to the eye doctor and i'm pretty sure 
he gave me the same prescription.

for father's day our ward gave all the dad's/future dad's
sugar cookies in the shape of a tie.
they gave the ladies fudge for mother's day.
i would have killed for a sugar cookie.

i'm the journalism major.
cory's the business major.
he cares/knows more about proper grammar than i ever will.

jude has three teeth.
jude is crawling.
jude is learning to sit up all by herself.
jude is the happiest baby i have ever seen.
it always comes back to jude.

maybe one day i'll remember how to blog again. 


Julie and Jesse said...

for father's day our ward gave out chocolate bars. jesse wasn't there, so i took two (one for each of us). i ended up eating both of them on the drive home from church. oops.

also, THREE teeth AND CRAWLING?!? woohoo!

-Danica- said...

That boob/wipe tip is GENUIS. Why did I never think if that?? And how does she already have 3 teeth??? I would like to quit teething please.