Wednesday, May 7, 2014

i'm grateful for a baby houdini.

last night, for the first time in a long time, i brought jude in bed with us.
it was four o'clock and she kept baby-houdini'ing her way out of her swaddle.
as soon as i picked her up, she stopped fussing and i knew what needed to be done.
i brought her in bed and snuggled her close.
i put my left hand on the side of her head and played with her hair.
she held on tightly to my index finger 
while her other hand searched my face, 
occasionally grasping my nose or cheek with her freakishly strong baby grip.

when she was only a few weeks old, 
i used to bring her in bed every morning.
her body couldn't even stretch to my belly button.
now her little toes kick against my hips. 
her arms know how to reach
and her fingers know how to grasp.

i spent the next two hours watching her and cory sleep.
they both had an arm resting up against their forehead. 
their breath steady and slow.
their faces calm and unchanging. 
i spent those two hours falling more in love 
with each of them.

my sweet, patient husband
and my adorable, feisty baby. 
they are my people.
they are my world. 


Abbey said...

i have been following your blog for a while, and i have to say i LOVE it! :) Beautiful words.

Abbey said...
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Harley said...

:))))))))))) so much.

kylie said...

this is so wonderful - this makes me warm and fuzzy inside. i love your documentation and appreciation of daily life. i tend to overlook the everyday blessings and you help me want to recognize them more.

Kari said...

Cute. You make me want babies.

katrina said...

Ohh this is beautiful. we had a late night last night so we let hazel sleep with us and in the morning I brought sage into bed with us and it was just the best.