Thursday, May 8, 2014

everything is the worst. except not really.

cory had to go to the middle of nowhere for work today.
which means he won't get back until late.
which meant i was flying solo tonight.
which is kind of intimidating. 
but, i did it. 
i did it and i feel like a champ.
i fed jude rice cereal. 
it may sound simple, but it's a big freakin' deal.
homegurl always tries to twist her way out of her bumbo
so one of us usually has to entertain her while the other one feeds her.
i fed her and wrangled her and took pictures of her while she ate.
i felt like friggin superwoman.

i gave her a bath.
this is a medium deal.
i've done it before so it's not too bad
the only scary part is trying to get a slippery baby in a towel
without completely soaking myself in the process. 

other exciting things to note about today/tonight:
the weather was perfect.
the windows have been open all day. 
we went on a walk and it brightened my soul. 
jude rolled over from her back to her right side for the first time.
she did it for a bottle. little chunk.
i straightened up the house.
vacuumed the basement.
washed the dishes.
including those annoying little baby bullet containers.
thought about folding laundry. 
binge watched bunheads. 

some of those things were done throughout the day.
which is also kind of amazing
because with the amount of tv i've watched today,
my house should not be this clean. 

i feel like i've talked about tv more than i've talked about jude.
does that make me a bad mom?

i miss cory.
nights are far too productive when he's gone
and i eat greek yogurt instead of ice cream.
i am lost without him. 


Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

I feel ya sister. Except that I need him to be gone to get things done, sooo I'm kind of found? I dunno.

Cassie Traasdahl said...

I seriously am only productive when Jeremy isn't home. He was out of town all last week and I deep cleaned basically the entire thing. There's something about him being that makes me want to do absolutely nothing.