Wednesday, April 30, 2014

more of this, please.

all hail jade beall.
these photographs and this article
are just what i needed to hear.
i had a baby four months ago.
my body is still loose.
my stretchmarks have faded from purple to brown.
my arms are bigger.
my boobs feel like they will never shrink back to their beloved c-cup status.
my bottom is more bootylicious than it's ever been.
everything is different.

my body changed.
my body may never "go back" to what it was.
and sometimes, i let that thought sink deep into my soul.
i let it cripple me.
i let it defeat me. 

but then, i read posts like this and articles like this
and remember that i once praised my body for its ability to create
and i have to stop.
i have to slap myself for hating 
the very change that brought me my greatest joy.

i am not ashamed of my stretchmarks.
i am learning to love this soft body of mine.
i am learning to accept myself. 

i hope to one day quiet that voice that makes me feel worthless 
because my body isn't airbrushed perfection. 
but for now, i'm trying.
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maggeygrace said...

Brissa when I met you in person the literal first thought that ran through my head is, "HOLY HOT DAMN, Brissa is even MORE beautiful in person than she is on the internet." You are a radiant human being and your kindness is even more apparent in person than it is online. I LOVE YOU.

Julie and Jesse said...

hey that looks like my tummy in the first pic! and my strech marks were dark pink/purple and some have faded to a whiteish purplely color. you are a beautiful mama!

Whitney said...

Thank you Brissa. You are fabulous. I've got to try so hard to remember these things as my body continues to grow and my skin continues to stretch. Thank you for your positive outlook.