Tuesday, March 25, 2014

oh selener.

over the weekend cory told me about the
selena + justin baby drama.
google told me it was a lie,
but that didn't stop me from doing an image search.
i would like to take this moment
to personally thank every person in the world 
who is terrible at photoshop.
thank you for not having anything better to do.
thank you for thinking these look believable.
thank you. thank you. thank you. 
if we're being 100% honest,
i think justin makes a better pregnant lady.
he just has this glow about him, ya know?


Alissa said...

That bottom picture of Selena is 100% a photo of Kate Gosselin. I watched a lot of Jon & Kate Plus 8, sue me!

kylie said...

ahhhhhhhhhh my eyessssss

Kayla said...

hahahaha i have come back & read this post like 4 times. & i laugh every time.