Tuesday, March 4, 2014

"i shaved the bottom half of my legs today" and other things you wish you never knew.

sometimes i only have the time or energy to shave half of my leg. 
tops or bottoms.
very rarely, if ever, do i choose to tackle both in one shower.
sometimes shaving is just too damn hard.

i'm not one for cussing in conversation,
but i've begun to notice a soft spot growing in my heart
for mild swearing in writing.
there are few things better than a well placed damn.
as contradictory as it sounds, i find it classy.

i live for jude's morning naps.
i make the bed. i shower. i start a load of laundry.
i have all these grand ideas 
but usually end up spending that precious time after my shower 
stalking social media.
at least i'm clean.

as addicted as i am,
i can't help but hate instagram for playing a role
in my lack of blogging. 
i told myself i wouldn't let it change me.
it has. 
it totally has.

cory and i have grand plans for a few raised gardens in our backyard.
peas and onions and carrots and blackberries.
maybe even some lettuce and tomatoes.
summer already tastes delicious.

i've had the same shellac on my nails for three weeks now.
it's a million times worse than when i left my acrylics on for too long.
lucky for me i never leave the house so no one ever sees my nails.

that's a lie. i do leave the house.
two sunday's ago we went to a farewell
and i had an anxiety attack when i wasn't holding jude.

maybe it's a good thing i don't blog anymore.


Alissa said...

Shaving is the most exhausting thing to do. I test my limits.

I just peeled shellac off my nails.

Remember when you mentioned onion rings in a post last week, and now that's all I can think about?

kylie said...

never stop blogging. you're a rockstar.

Shelby said...