Friday, March 28, 2014

boo blah cha cha cha

yesterday we had a serious thunderstorm. 
it was absolutely terrifying.
i haven't been that scared of thunder since i was a kid.
i remember going to the grocery store with my dad
and telling him i was too scared to get out of the car
because the thunder was so loud.
he told me i didn't need to be scared.
thunder just meant the angels in heaven were bowling.
a big crack meant they got a strike.
dad's are the best.

other than being a big baby,
i hung out with my baby.
she rolled over from her belly to her back
and gagged herself with her hands.
we watched a movie with subtitles
and ate at least seven times.
i read a bit from mindy's book
and perused my better homes & gardens.
i washed my dishes and made leftovers for dinner.

today has been slow and wonderful.
happy friday.


Madi said...

you make being a mom something I want some day. I get the "children are insane" side of things everyday with Hadley. but that baby Jude and my new baby Carsen make it seem almost worth it.

Andrea said...

Girl, you doin Friday right. Ooo la la French cinema -did you like it? I want to do a French-themed night with Camaron where we watch a French movie (I was thinking Amelie) and eat crepes and laugh really heartily. Mostly, I just want to eat crepes.

Ashley said...

I both love and hate huge thunderstorms, sort of the way I love/hate scary movies. haha