Thursday, January 16, 2014

one ddp might not be enough.

jude has urped up on me so many times today,
i'm starting to think the smell of baby puke has seeped into my skin.
i honestly think the only way to get rid of it is soaking in a bath of tomato juice.

nearly every diaper she's had has been messy.
and when i say messy i mean m e s s y.
homegurl means business today.

i had every intention of washing the dishes
but had to kiss those dreams goodbye
when jude decided today was a good day to be clingy.

i have watched more trash tv than i'd care to admit,
nearly cut off my head in order to stop a headache,
and am currently enjoying what may just be
the most delicious can of ddp i will ever taste.

as dramatic and awful as i'm making all this sound,
(and trust me, it is. just, so smelly)
i love it.

every time i've fed her today,
she's held onto my hand.
when i make the slightest move,
she squeezes it tight like she's making sure i don't leave.

she's been screaming like a banshee during her diaper changes
and won't stop until i pick her up and hold her tight.

i feel like a mom.
a real life mom.
one capable of hugging away tears
and making everything okay.

today has been hard
but i believe that's what has made it so great. 


Lauren Hall said...

I just love this. It makes my heart happy.

Nicole P. said...

Do you have a baby carrier?? A Moby wrap would be perfect for those clingy days!!

Ellie Kornexl said...

exactly. that's mommy hood. my dude has started putting his hands up towards me when he wants to be picked up. Kills me every time. (oh and a carrier is also a God send)

Kari said...

You are so good at being a mom. Appreciating even the hard stuff. I adore you and baby Jude.