Friday, January 17, 2014

cheeks the size of alaska.

people need to stop telling me her cheeks are shrinking.
like seriously.
imma cut the next person who brings it up.
family or not,
shiz is gonna get real.


Emma Jane said...

OOOOOH Look at that face. Sorry world, cutest baby forever right here.

Tightrope to the Sun

Julie and Jesse said...

i love her. ben needs to meet this cute lil firecracker!

maggeygrace said...

Arrghhh she looks so much like Cory in these photos, it's unreal!!

You have a beauty on your hands. What are we gonna do with her when she's a sassy 6 year old with boys lining up just to see her bat an eyelash?

Something tells me Jude is gonna know how to take care of herself though. That sass.

Lauren Hall said...

I can't look at these pictures for too long or I start to explode with sadness of missing jude with simultaneous baby fever. Stop.

Krystal Es said...

those cheeks are wayyy kissable!

meg bird said...

Cutest baby in my recently memory.