Monday, December 16, 2013

wiiknd: i forgot how absolutely awful december shopping was.

last friday.
bow making.
the sing-off.
walking + talking matie.
pie deception.

last saturday.
ultimate cleaning day.
costco + smith's.
snackie stock up.
string cheese.
fancy bacon = on sale = buy two.
1940s gangster ryan gosling.
pillow talk.

last sunday.
"so you didn't have a baby last night."
church snacks.
swollen feet + ankles = lolololololol :(
"i just want my baby."
youtubing labor inducing pressure points.
belly conversations.

monday is the dream
but stubborn, comfortable babies
have a mind of their own. 


kylie said...

i love your wiiknd posts SO MUCH.

Alissa said...

Keep eating those poppers, and hopefully you'll pop! AYO. Jokes.

But really...

1940s gangster Ryan Gosling = SWOON.

Alex Hubbard said...

Don't ever go shopping in December. Especially whilst preggo. GET DAT BABY OUT.

elizabeth, elles, eliza, beth, etc said...

i am on the edge of my seat for your baby! you better not string us out...must see a pic/name/stats immediately after (okay, maybe a few hours after)--do you hear me?!