Tuesday, December 3, 2013

getting personal on a level no one asked for.

now that i'm at the stage where murphlina could come any day,
i find myself being better with personal hygiene.
i'm only allowing myself to go every other day without washing my hair.
instead of, you know three or four days...
i'm also making more of an effort 
to regularly shave my legs.
for some reason it's really important to me
to have smooth legs when i go into labor.

sometimes it's just easier to chill out on the toilet for an extra few minutes
because you know you're going to need to pee again as soon as flush.
i'm convinced they invented smart phones
for all the pregnant ladies who took five extra minutes of 
"just in case" time on the toilet.

on the same note,
how is it possible that i always empty my bladder
before hopping in the shower
and, without fail, by the end of said shower,
i need to empty it again?
what is the science on this?

i can go from not hungry at all 
to ravenous in 30 seconds flat.
that's when it gets scary.
like, i scare myself when it gets that bad.

cory doesn't think i'm going to want to eat as much as i think i will after i give birth.
he thinks i'll be too exhausted from pushing a human out
and food will be the last thing on my mind.
the two things at the top of my list are currently:
a double-double animal style, fries and a shake
or all the sushi's and a shake.
either way, i'm getting a shake at the end of this.


Alissa said...

"a double-double animal style, fries and a shake" ...how. dare. you.

Push that tiny human out.
Take a quiet 15.
Order take out.

Hey, my sister-in-law's cousin just had a baby, and she ordered food from a restaurant next to the hospital and got it for free because she was a new mom!

I hope this happens to you.

Krystal said...

dude, the pee thing was horrible, i was up all night just peeing away...so its like i got a head start on not sleeping, that was cool.

Krystal said...

have you read 'bringing up bebe'? i'd really recommend it!

Cassie Traasdahl said...

I'm with you on the hygiene thing. I've already planned to wash my hair more and shaved legs is a must. I need all the help I can get, I won't be one of those people that's just glowing after birth. I need clean hair and smooth legs.

(not pregnant, just a psycho planner!)

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

You know, you can pee in the shower right?

When pregnant I'm pretty sure you can pee in the street.

Sara said...

Murphlina is so freaking lucky to have you guys as parents.


Obviously the answer is In-n-Out AND sushi AND a shake.

Lauren Hall said...

I recently told someone that I don't wash my hair every day and they looked at me with such disgust.

Sarah said...

Oh my goodness I love this! Literally my life right now too :)

Ashley said...

You definitely deserve a shake girl! I watched a live birth before, and yes. You deserve it all!