Wednesday, November 27, 2013

food is still a big part of my life. just in case you were wondering.

whenever i eat a pb&j with raspberry jam,
my wombmate goes nuts. 
kicking like crazy and loving every bite.

jalepeno poppers always lure me in
with the promise of cheese and a crunchy outside.
as soon as i take that first bite,
they immediately turn on me by
burning my mouth and upsetting my stomach.
next time, i'm skipping the middle man
and going straight for mozarella sticks. 

i never want to buy chocolate peanut butter ice cream
but whenever i'm eating ice cream i think,
"man, chocolate peanut butter ice cream
would be gooooood right about now."

i continue to singlehandedly 
drink almost a gallon of milk a week.
sometimes cory helps out
but most of the credit/blame/strong bones belong to me.

speaking of milk,
i never thought i could love 2%
as much as i do.
everything else is just white water.

last night i worked on some night cheese.
colby jack.
freshly sliced off the brick.
i can't even talk about how delicious it was. 

cheese is the reason i could never be vegan.
also, milk.
and ice cream.
and bacon.
and literally all the foods.


Jessica Wray | PEONY said...

I lol'd at two things very hard in particular: "wombmate" "worked on some night cheese"

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

"wombmate". Perfect.

And as a vegan, I was reading this list and was like, that is a LOT of dairy. That's amazingly the thing I probably miss the least. You just gotta break away for a while.

beth said...

Amen. Dairy is my vice.