Monday, October 7, 2013

wiiknd: "take care or be square." - nonna

dressed and pressed.
bp reunion.
cougar sandwich.
pre-dinner chocolate.
one roll.
"so basically, you all save lives."
cabin weekend.

up at 4:26.
candy crushin' & cat poppin'.
pancakes + breakfast meats.
morning nap.
afternoon walk.
the perfect talk.
a full heart.
another perfect talk.
baja shrimp tacos.
popcorn shriiiiiiiiiiimp.
bananagrams for one.
phone call to mama.
bedtime tears.
sweet slumber. 

baby matie rudolph.
tweet all the things.
boxelder bug snack attack.
five perfect and beautiful sessions.
cabin closing.
baby kisses.
free desk.
nuggies for dinner.
band of brothers.
baby kicks.