Thursday, October 10, 2013

what i would give for a shot of nyquil right about now.

i feel like i'm dying.
scratchy throat.
itchy ears.
alternating stuffy nostrils.
a pounding head.
body aches.
you know, all the fun stuff.

before you tell me to pop some day/nyquil,
sit down to an antm marathon
and stop whining,
you need to know i'm that pregnant girl
who refuses to take any medication
no matter the circumstance.
even this death cold.

i sure wish i had some essential oils
or some other form of hippie voodoo to cure this cold.
or at least let me get some decent sleep.
until then,
i'll just have to stare at this gorilla face
until it hypnotizes me to sleep.
i feel it should be noted i found this image
by searching, "liz lemon sick."
what the what?
i'm just grateful i didn't accidentally stumble upon
an unwanted/vomit-inducing nic cage picture. 

p.s. we're going to b-dubbs tonight for a birthday dinner
 and i'm going to cry if my sense of taste isn't back by then.
i've been singing about wings for weeks. 
i need them.

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Emma Jane said...

That right there is the most pleasant photo I've had the pleasure to view. That would have been helpful with my death cold last week. Feel better soon!

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