Monday, September 23, 2013

wiiknd: "i follow myspace tom on instagram. he's insaane." - kelli

clean. candy crush. repeat.
new fridge.
fall/farewell party.
caramel apples.
chips and dip.
instax love.
mission + baby related conversations.
"i craved tires."

comcast fail.
training for dayyyyz.
cookbook reading.
garlic butter samples.
taquitos. finally.
sweet baby ray's honey mustard = heaven.
mediocre grocery stores.
the holy war.

early up.
three day hair.
kylee's farewell.
circle of love.
a teary goodbye.
ox in the mire.
"this is the best honey mustard of my life."
sunday nap.
picture/shelf/ledge/curtain hanging.
cookbook reading.
little matie kisses.
new potatoes + scorched butter x2.

1 comment:

kylee said...

myspace tom on insta?!?!?! whaaaattt?! was this a convo i failed to listen to or was this a convo i missed because i was boring and left early?! fall/farewell party - that's really the perfect name. "carla via iphone" that's my fave. i'm so glad she called. also, i love you. and love that you were the only sunday goodbye that made me cry.