Tuesday, August 20, 2013

i guess this is my life.

i finished all my wedding thank you cards.
now i just need stamps.
looks like it'll be another year
before we get those suckers out.

i started playing candy crush on facebook
and suddenly all these people are
sending me requests. 
i'm sorry, what?
you don't talk to me for two years
and now you want to rekindle our friendship
because i occasionally crush some candy?

i'm considering cutting my own hair.
my friend found a tutorial and said it's doable.
i'm only slightly terrified. 
i'm more afraid of having cory dye my hair.

i might give myself some bangs.
i'm too scared to go full frontal because
i'm afraid of getting a swollen face
and looking like a puffy version
of my azn self. 

and finally.
i've taken to wearing cory's crocs around the apartment
because the hard floor hurts my feet
and these stupid things are like 
walking on a cloud.
i hate that i'm turning into the person
i promised myself i would never become. 


Alissa said...

Crocs happen, okay? They happen. I couldn't wear sandals when I worked at a summer camp, and I hate sneakers, so Crocs happened.

Ever see Daily Grace cut her own bangs? Doable. Totally.

Lauren Hall said...

Somehow crocs are sneaking their way into everyone's lives.

beth said...

Siiiick. I'm a nurse and crocs still haven't touched my feet.

hallahmikaelaharmon. said...

I love this. I am slowly trying to decided if i can accept crocs. but for now, i cant handle them. On me that is. I cut my own bangs and it wasn't bad. Just start long and gradually go shorter. cause the first time I did it i slaughtered it.you can bet i cried for days.


Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

don't you cut your own damn bangs.

Anna said...