Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ten things that make me really happy.

other than the obvious: 
"family! friends! puppies!"

| | fresh journals | |
crisp, white pages.
lined or unlined with the promise
of secrets and adventure. 

| | thick knit scarves | |
because they are my favorite sign of fall.
especially when combined with apple cinnamon tea,
crunchy leaves, and the longing for a new semester.

| | falling asleep in the sun | |
baking and letting the sunshine soak
every negative thought and ache.
waking up crisp and golden and healed.

| | beating all my athletic competitors at 'just dance.' | |
because i don't have to be a runner in order to 
shake what my mama gave me
and shake it real good. 

| | fabric softener | |
on clean sheets and giant sweaters.
fabric softener reminds me of college 
and my mom insisting she do my laundry whenever i visit.
fabric softener was always her gift to me. 

| | a real good ugly cry | |
the kind that rips your soul right before
the seams burst. 
the kind that, when finished, 
brings the sunshine back. 

| | my wedding day bouquet | |
i will never in my life be more in love
with a floral arrangement ever again.
those flowers. that day. 
nothing in my life has ever been more perfect. 

| | cruising down to the lake| |
that summer when lillie became one of my best friends.
we rode and vented and laughed
all the way down the trail.
she just gets me. 

| | having a complete connection when writing | |
a stream from mind to pen with absolutely no filter.
no thought of what is happening.
just letting it be. 

| | cory | |
like i need to explain this one. 


Alissa said...

Yup...thick knit scarves...yup. I wore one last night when I was home because I refused to turn the heat on (it's freakin May!)

I'm not a fan of fabric softener. I hope we can still be friends.

April said...

Yes. A good ugly cry. Hear, hear! (here, here!? I have no idea, honestly.)

Whitney Leigh said...

journals are an addiction of mine. I have DRAWERS full of them. But I don't write in them until I finish one.

I get in big trouble if I come home with another journal. I supposed to "use the ones I have" until I can get more. But if I were to go through with that I wouldn't be buying new journals for at least 25 years. And that? That is just unreasonable.

I have a similar situation with really soft blankets....

Tiffany @ Polka Dotted Cats said...

I just swooned over your wedding flowers. I hope I can find more wedding posts to stalk.

You would school me at just dance. My brain doesn't understand that game.

Shaylynn... a girl, a story, a blog said...

I want to write down something brilliant about your answers.

but I am sick.

but not sick of you, just know that I love that you have 10 beautiful things in this life to round out a lot of happiness.

oh man, what a dumb comment.

Christina @ The Murrayed Life said...

"beating all my athletic competitors at 'just dance.'
because i don't have to be a runner in order to
shake what my mama gave me
and shake it real good. "

That's the spirit. I kind of hate you though, because I'm the runner not the shaker.

Meghan Silva said...

Beautiful words!!

Meghan Silva's Blog

Lillie Nguyen said...

how did i not know you loved me!??!?! oh brissa briss.. i wuv you mas... phone therapy was the best. thank you for your expertise advice and for just listening to me!!!!!!!!!!!! i must see you! maybe this summer????