Monday, February 25, 2013

wiiknd: little caesar's was giving away free samples...!!!

one week.
crazy town say whhhhaaattt?!
helium app thanks to kylee.
cheap, delicious pizza.
modern family.
computer melt down.
in bed by nine.
busy brain.

early up = devastated.
lazy day.
nails, painted.
brows, plucked.
laundry, washed.
house, cleaned. 
friggin big lots.
no mo' snow, hoe.
"eat like a college kid day."
young adult.

three hour of sleep.
up at six.
college eating day hangover.
purple tights + mustard sweater + blue coat.
meeting at seven.
bob ross happy trees.
zombie status.
veggie straws.
parks and rec.
ox in the mire.
"this is love."
new girl.
grilled chicken.
sweet, sweet slumber.


Catherine said...

I always love your wiiknd posts. Always.

DURANTULA. He is so incredible. I would totally marry Kevin Durant. Totally.

Krystal said...

sounds like a fun w/e :)

Paige Andy said...


Shelby said...

what is this helium app you speak of?? and for real about the snow. it's time for it to be done. like now.

Jessica Wray said...

$5 hot n' ready pizza at little c's is always a classy choice

Megan said...

Can we talk about how one time I lost 2 Hours Of My Life to HeliumBooth? Amazing.

kylee said...

you know how vine was huge because of a bunch of those popular mommy bloggers? helium will become huge because of us, the non-mommy, non-famous, totally cool bloggers. we'll spread the word and it will catch on like a wild fire. the app might even want to use us to make commercials on tv. we'll say yes of course, but only because they'll offer us a bunch of helium.