Monday, February 18, 2013

wiiknd: i've never seen someone so in love with a magic bullet.

sushi hangover.
no samples = heartbreak.
homemade winger's salad.
lick fight.
shakey shakes.

harry potter.
filling up the box.
target browsing.
spring is coming.
showing off rupert.
breakfast for dinner.
whipped cream mountain a'la leslie.
nerf gun battle.
real talk.

magic bullet magic.
berry breakfast smoothies.
early church.
foggy skies.
little matie cuddles.
worst cooks in america.
sea salt gelato.
modern family.
no work tomorrow.


Cassie Traasdahl said...

definite sushi hangover over here too.

Shelby said...

nerf gun battle .. alright, you are definitely the coolest person ever. and no samples at costco! what is this madness??

Be one with the Fro said...

i liked every one of these :))

esp the last one ... no work!