Monday, November 26, 2012

wiiknd: the worst thing about not living at home is not having access to ridiculous amounts of thanksgiving leftovers.

cheesecake baking.
ogden dinner.
face stuffing.
baby holding.
centerville dessert.
stuffing battle.
christmas tree searching.
"i miss mathew."

6:07 natural alarm.
furniture returning.
baby cuddling.
"you are my sunshine."

early to rise.
costco run = sample fail.
fake snow.
classy frames.
baby cuddling.
monster onesie.
little kicks.

pancake breakfast.
morning meeting.
emotionally unstable.
full heart.
miracle whip gag reflex.
baby cuddling
real talk.
trust + hugs + safe + understood.

every day i thank the heavens
i married my best friend.


from head 2 toe said...

I have the same reflux to miracle whip. I can't even...gah. It's coming just THINKING about it!

Suzanna said...

Agree to that "worst thing". I ate all of my leftovers the next morning for breakfast and then spent the weekend debating on whether I should drive the 1 hr home to get more.