Monday, June 4, 2012

wiiknd: my fridge is full of 15 gatorades.

jazz shirt + ponytail.
grocery shopping.
roadside pick up.
chicken and pasta.

spandex + basketball shorts.
donut breakfast.
man vs. food.
fourth of july shirt, purchased.
fancy pants wedding.
hot sunshine + outdoor ceremony = sweaty clothes.
crab + artichoke dip.
fancy hand towels.
headaches + pill poppin.
clothing car changing.
shorts + dress socks + shoes.
america's got talent.

pancake breakfast.
syrup lid fall.
floor sitting.
warm heart.
ox in the mire.
sunday picnic.
people watching.
heat vs. celtics.
assisted teeth brushing. 


Christianna said...

Sounds like an interesting weekend! That's for sure.

emilymcb said...

ox in the mire!

also, answering Emily's phone calls 50 billion times :)

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

yum- crab and artichoke dip

Elisha(: said...

sounds VERY interesting!!


Alex said...

Make me pancakes plz.

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Gatorades are for athletes, and hangovers.

And I know nothing about athletics, and I will never know anything about hangovers as long as I live.. ever again.. so...

You play for the WNBA now then, huh. (i am not writing what I'm really thinking)

I LOVE MAN VS FOOD. I feel so skinny whenever I watch him.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i sounds like these things happend in chronological order to how it was written:

pancake breakfast, syrup lid fall, breakdown, floor sitting.

hahaha...i just saw the whole thing play out.

Jaclyn said...

bris- so my hubby saw that vid 3 hours after it was posted! how he is so good at that stuff i will never know, but if i get anything for being most on top of it, i will split with you!!

Dearest Lou said...

You always have the best weekends! This week you'll have Kandice's reception on the list ;P

Crystle said...

AGT: my guilty pleasure too. Shhhh