Tuesday, May 29, 2012

wiiknd: an episode of chopped made me cry

breakfast for dinner.
couch conversations.
quiet night perfection. 

lazer gun shooting. 
unusually spicy chicken.
belt searching.
engagement outfit planning.
stunna shades purchased.
purple drank.

operation evacuate eduardo.
never-ending tiredness. 
pep talks for eduardo.
all day cuddle session. 
afternoon naps.
logos quiz domination.

purple dress + spicy skin.
cinnamon roll croissants. 
blanket wrapping.
pit-stop at the lair.
drink purchasing.
grave visiting.
electrolytes restored.
backyard conversations.
american ninja warrior.
meat monday.
six-column game.
"victorian housecat."
"don't put sally."


Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

cinnamon roll croissants. WHAT THE WHAT.

I do not visit graves. Just so you know.

Blindside made me cry.

jessie said...

i love chopped.

Kari said...

Purple became my new favorite color after I bought my first maxi dress, which was purple. It won because of comfort association.

Alex said...

Your weekends always sound so fabulous :)

kandice said...

ooooooooo engagement outfit planning... i like the sound of this.

i can't wait to see how they turn out! please tell me you'll be posting them? how much longer do i have to wait? hahah ;p


whatevergatsby.com said...

"engagement outfit planning.
stunna shades purchased."

i like where this is going. i hope these two things are going together. you are just gonna be the coolest bride EVAR.

kylee said...

so excited to see your engagements! is anna taking those too?! is that logos game fun? i thought about getting it once, but it never happend. convince me woman. alsoooo the fact that seinfeld is on your list makes me so so so happy! favorite show ever. and yes yes yes next time we hang out (which better be soon) we're going to zupas and then getting ice cream after!