Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wiiknd: "don't kill. it's bad. it's a sin."

card reading + selecting.
dollar store candy.
the avengers.

dress, found.
sister lunch.
zupa's foodgasm.
failed car search.
"i miss cheese." - vegan.
ham wrapped pickled asparagus.
baby sinclair's doppelganger.
sampler splitting.
blueberry lemonade.
game watching.

mother's day.
baby sister's last talk.
church giggles.
smile practice. 
sunday lunch.
afternoon chats with grandma.
laundry room conversations with mama.
back porch visiting.
trampoline jumping.
"irrational" fear of falling.
shade and grass.
malarky fail.
long goodbye.
four more sleeps. 


Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

"dress, found."

- and I stopped reading & am waiting for a picture message.

Janette said...

Blueberry lemonade and talks with mama???? SOLD!

Janette, the Jongleur

Ellie Kornexl said...

and to copy from the above, Dress and Blueberry lemonade!?!?! Delicious!!!

:: ashley :: said...

what is your instagram name? i need to know as soon as possible! add me ashrosereeves

Shaylynn... I blahwg It's True. said...

Listen Briss. I'm back, because you're right, I was just waiting, and yep I swore at you, because that is friendship.. in a nutshell.

blueberry lemonade. Briss, my heart, have you had the horrible lemonades at Cafe Rio? have you? I know you frequent Chick-fi-blah, but seriously. anyways, I don't like them.

{head 2 toe} said...

Oh I am sure your dress is beautiful!

Alex said...

You found your dress! I die. I'M SO EXCITED! I wish I could legit go :(

kylee said...

yess the avengers! i still need to see it again, and yes again becuase i loved it that much. dress found?! hoooorrraaaay! i hate that i won't see it in person. i meant to text you while i was there, but i was too busy enjoying it - i finally tried zupas' ultimate grilled cheese. holy crap. what have i been missing?!?! only the best grilled cheese of my ENTIRE life. brissa i thank you times ten million for telling me about it. i may have never found the guts to try it. and gosh my guts and my heart and my tongue and my tummy thank you so much for telling us about that goodness. an overload of excitement for a silly sandwich? no such thing.

kandice said...

wait what? your wedding dress? SHOW ME

sgrmse. said...

think i've fallen in so much like with your blog. i like your style (;