Monday, April 23, 2012

wiiknd: is there a hungry bear anywhere?

soup. salad. dessert.
photo shoot.
re-learning clutch.
errand running: target edition

parking lot donut breakfast.
zeppelin serenade.
indecisiveness temporarily cured.
flat tire.
canyon cruise cancelled.
happy hour slushes.
blanket conversations.
walk to the falls.
people watching.
awkward couples.
jazz victory.

early start.
family lunch.
spilled rice.
sister wives.
evening stroll.
google docs like woah.
calm heart. 
parks and rec.
paused for the time being. 


kandice said...

congratulations on graduating! that must feel fantastic ;D i'm so happy for you.

as for the premature announcement... all i'm hearing are wedding bells

kylee said...

i love your weekends allll the time. i also love your usual mention of parks & rec. last night i saw they finally had a new episode and became more happy than i am willing to admit because then it means i am obsessed with the show/tv. but then i remember parks & rec is worth obsessing over and you love it so it's fine - i was so overjoyed i watched it instead of write my paper for school. parks & rec > school any and every day.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

...and blogging. i'm glad your back.

oh, and you don't have to, but i think you want to tell me about your premature announcement.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I think my best friend beat me to exactly what I was going to ask.

Kirstyn said...

YAY congrats on graduating!!! Um and Target is my favorite

Kari said...

target and people watching are the best. sister wives the show or in person? i hope there was some smooching on that blanket... ;)

Christianna said...

Congrats on graduating!!!! That's just awesome!

Anna said...


Ellie Kornexl said...

YAYYYYAYyayayayayayaYYYY! You did it! I always knew you would. Also, I haven't had a strawberry limeade in decades, I am headed to Sonic stat! (or right at 2)

Jessica Wray said...

Congrats on graduating!!!


Alex said...

Congrats on graduating GIRLLLLLL! Look at you, all grown up and shizzzzz.