Friday, April 13, 2012

oh oh oh yeah oh oh oh yeaaaaah hit me!

this video has been my 
instant pick me up for the past year.
i honestly can't tell you how many
awkward/non-awkward silences i've filled with, 
"you know he's doin' it.
[who's doin it?!]
my god is doing a nu thang."

i love how
that christian-gangster funk
disappears into smiles and innocence
at the end of the song.
classic michael clancy.

it's friday.


Elisha(: said...

brissa, you just made my life. ;) <3

Madi said...

nope this is too much. I am dying right now! hahaha seriously?!

carla thorup said...

classic.michael.clancy. HA

i am wheezing at work.


twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i'm practicing that weird leg "swing" dance move tonight.

you just created friday night plans for me brizzz. congrats.

Kari said...

I always forget about this video. Which is super sad. I think I'm making my friends watch this at my 80's birthday party. Those pants.

Dani & Jake said...

nooooooooo how do you find such a thing?? "yo who's doin it?" Haha so much greatness.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

My best friend is a lunatic, see 3 comments above this one.

Kristie Colón said...

I watched and quoted this video the entire month of December. I hear you. It is THAT good. It's so great. So great.

Anna said...

This just seems like it's straight from the musical theater department at BYU. Sry.

Ashley said...

OMGGGG. How have I never seen this before?!? hahahahaha!!!!

kylee said... this is unreal. does he feel embarrassed that he did this? is he famous now? does he still have those pants? did he frame that shirt? does he still remember every word to his rap? can he still bust out those dance moves? does he rock that hair style still? where is this kid and how can i be his friend?!!?!

Becca said...

fo real you post the best videos ever!!

Kari said...

I think this video is better when watched on your blog, because I keep coming here to watch it over and over again instead of youtube. Apparently I don't need to deal drugs, I just need to hand out cards directing people to your blog.

Krystal said...

OMGGGGGGGG leave it to you. this is hilarious. this was pry my husband when he was little, i'm for real. i've totes been through the christian camp ringer so this is extra extra funny to me!!!! have you seen "I like big bibles and i cannot lie?" look it up!

Crystle said...

How can I get this published in our Hymn book? I'd love to see our priest break it down with this during mass. Love it!

Heather said...

what in the crapppp
this is killing me. Im showing it to all my friends and family.

ayley said...

this is the funniest thing ever.
and kylee's comment hahaha