Thursday, April 12, 2012

everything made me cry today.

i got my hair cut
because split ends were taking over my life.
i think she chopped two inches instead of one.
my ponytails look pathetic now.

i didn't order graduation announcements
when i bought my cap and gown.
apparently that's something you're supposed to do.
announcements are expected.

my faithful study buddy
cancelled because of head pains.
now i have to force myself to focus
and finish three finals.
it's impossible for me to focus by myself.

i thought graduating
was supposed to be easier than this. 
i swear someone told me it was.
i want to find them and slap them.
it's not easy. 

everything made me cry today.
literally everything. 
but the thing that made me cry the most 
was distance.
i hate it.
i hate it so much. 


Anonymous said...

first of all, YOU ROCK THAT PONY TAIL GIRL. YOU ROCK IT! second of all, you are a smarty pants. with wit and sass and enough brain power to rock the pants off of those finals. and thirdly, I DIDNT ORDER ANY GRAD ANNOUNCEMENTS EVER. and probably won't next year either. let's just be rebels, kay?

Harley said...

i agree.
graduation... why you so difficult.
when you find that person... tell me so i can slap them too.

sometimes a cry is good. I feel like i always sleep better.

Madi said...

guurrl. Im feeling ya. Been having random outbursts of crying at inappropriate times (aka during a fantastic session of belting celine dion in the car, reading dumb mommy blogs that in normal life make we want to gag)

but you just wait a little less than three weeks and you and I will go and drown out our tears of our own ridiculous lives in the laughter of little baby sea otters (meaning we need to take a trip up to the SLC aquarium together)

you are the greatest did you know?
it will get easier.
cant wait bffff.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...


I know you're talking about someone else, but it's okay to cry because I live in St. George.... it is far away. it is.

I cry because my best friend lives 3,000 miles away from me, at least once a week, it's easier to be mad about it Brizza.. try mad.

Or call me if you need me, that works too.

Breathe, it will get easier.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

Oh yeah, or cry.. sometimes we need to cry. It's allowed.

Ellie Kornexl said...

1. i believe it is a college-specific thing, but you DO NOT need graduation announcements. If anything I'll design you up some rad ones and you can email it out to anyone who cares. I didn't have any, it's a waste of money in my opinion.
2. graduating isn't easy until you've done it and can scream with joy. I remember having this fear that something was going to go wrong at the last minute and some loophole was going to keep me from graduating. It was silly. But nothing happened, I graduated, and all is ok. You will be ok, I promise. Just a few more weeks.
3. I agree that one of the worst things is having the pitiful ponytail with all the pieces falling out, but sometimes that's damn cute in that "I don't look like I tried but these pieces of hair perfectly frame my beautiful face" way. Rock it.
4. distance sucks ass.

you will survive. I promise! I'm rooting for you!

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

i know that south carolina is far away...but you'll get to see me in june. it'll be ok. totally kidding, long distance SUCKS.

it sucks.

ok...graduate girl. YOU CAN DO THIS. once it's over, it's like it never happened.

btw, it's totally fine to cry all day. i'm not a big cryer, but i whine like fat cow.

Mandy said...

This was such a sad post! I cried for a week after a girl cut my hair too short. And I know the distance pain so well. Life is harder than we think, and we don't give ourselves enough credit for being happy. Virtual hug from me coming your way.

kandice said...

♥ you, brissa.

McKinley {Haolepinos} said...

I'm sorry everything mad you cry! Those are such hard days. I remember being like that during finals. I was an emotional train reck! It's like someone says "hey, how's it going? You doing good?" and the more you try to fight back the tears to make a "Yeah it's good" peppy reply the more the tears and cracked voice want to depart your body like people running from a fire! I actually didn't know you were graduating. I.AM.A.FOOL! Congrats!! That will feel good in like 2 weeks!

Lauren said...

Although I am extremely flattered, I don't want you to cry over the distance between us. I will see you soon! June is less than 2 months away. And, SURPRISE!! I'm coming for the fourth of july as well :)