Monday, March 5, 2012

wiiknd: summer is in the air. i can taste it.

cards in the car.
airport welcome.
yellow balloons. 
sports games via radio.
jazz victory.

flamingo shower curtain.
muscle shirt, returned.
ice cream waddle.
shay + kari = fb friends = happy brissa.
chin noses.

sunday walks.
parks and rec.
summer grilling.
patio dancing.
midnight drive. 


Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

You have been gone................. SO LONG. Can you hear it? The sound of me crying? Can you? Can you?

FB friends, indeed.

I would need an energy drink to hang out with you/survive a weekend. I know this.

Kare said...

Go to The Rocket Summer in concert. It's pure magic.

:: ashley :: said...

briss! dont jinx it! i heard snow is on the horizon tomorrow :) fml. um- would you think i was cooler if i told you i hung out with bryce from the rocket summer like 7 years ago? i used to be a hardcore groupie. he is a sweetie

kandice said...

i'm confused? i thought... your... sister... was your significant other....

haha but really, no pressure. i didn't tag anyone thinking they were actually going to do it. just thought it'd be cook to hear from those few people, specifically

kandice said...

in case you're wondering, i meant cool. cook is not a new term i'm trying to popularize or anything.

Christi Lynn said...

midnight drives might be my favorite thing in the world to do!

Harley said...

the rocket summer. that takes me back to HS when i was obsesssssssssssssssssssssssed.

Ellie Kornexl said...

just one thing:

meme-and-he said...

target and chick-fil-a. that is all I needed to see.