Thursday, March 1, 2012

true story.

all this baby talk/having/loving is making me sad.
and when baby-mania is combined with spring fever,
i get really sad.
these are the kind of emails i send when i'm sad. 
I want a puppy.
I'm rocking a perma-sadface right now because I can't have one.
Just a little one.
A fluffy one.
One that will love me and cuddle with me and let me pet it.
Eeeeh. Maybe not FLUFFY fluffy. 
Every time I think fluffy, I think of this and I don't want that. 
Also, I keep spelling fluffy, fluffLy.
My brain is sad.
So sad.
I just want a puppy.
A nice little pal.
One that can live inside my home. 
And wag its tail when I open the door.
Not a yippee puppy, a happy puppy.


Sorry for the depressing email.
I can't help what I feel.

Oh yeah.

I love you. 
and puppies.


if you don't love albus or puppies in general,
 you might not have a soul. 

sidenote to the sidenote:
i didn't mean to say you don't have a soul.
that was rude.
but it wasn't me, i promise. 
it's the iwapbichap* depression talking.
*i want a puppy but i can't have a puppy


kandice said...

speaking of babies...

natalie just walked halfway across the room. you're the first person i've told! yay!

kandice said...

whoa, wait? after leaving that comment i opened the photo of the fluffy dog that you linked to and WHAT?! why wouldn't you want that dog? ohmygosh ohmygosh!

i've wanted a chow my whole entire life! you can paint them to look like panda bears and those are my favorite animals!! they're soooooo cuuuuuuuuute.

Krista said...

so I don't have a puppy to offer, but you're welcome to come hold my baby whenever you want. he smiles and coos now. don't be sad. I haven't slept through the night in eight weeks.

also, I am SO HAPPY you wore blue and yellow yesterday.

Kare said...

One time I had almost my entire apartment complex convinced that we could all share a puppy. Then ONE girl said no, and I cried. Like really. Puppy haters should die.

Kelli Anderson said...

i just..cannot get enough of this post. your brain is so sad ahahahahahhaha i love this so much. please let us hang out.

Blace said...

My puppy changed my life. I highly recommend them.

Shaylynn... I BLAHWG. said...

I'm just gonna wish a puppy on you, when you're ready. They can be a real nightmare.

Kelli Anderson said...

i love this again.