Friday, March 23, 2012

i know it's too soon. i don't care.

i need some serious hunger game movie discussion
in my life right now.
like now.
there's just so much to say.
there's too much i'm feeling.

raise your hand if you cried.
oh baby rue. 

i'm going to go to sleep.
hopefully i'll calm down by morning.
i doubt it. 


Andrea said...

Ohmygoodness!!!!! I left wanting to see it again and again. I don't even care if it was a little rushed and didn't follow the book perfectly -I think they did such a good job with this movie. Oh baby Rue -she was so precious. I can't believe I didn't cry. Who am I? I cried during the Titanic 3D preview, but not that powerful scene? I blame baby. And the huge sugar high I was on. Purse=stuffed to brim with goodies. And I swear Gale wasn't so lame in the book -I want to tell that to people who saw the movie without reading the book (and punch them in the face). We'll discuss more tomorrow:)

kylee said...

the very first thing i wanted to do after leaving was talk to everyone about it. i want to know what everyone is thinking. i also want to know why i'm thinking the way i am. ahhh i need some major discussion asap. first thing i did when i got home? check facebook and blogger to see if anyone said anything yet. ready, set, tell me your thoughts.

Ellie Kornexl said...

Do they still do chat rooms? cause we totally need to get one started for some serious discussion! As soon as you wake up. Cause I have so much I want to talk about! AHHHHH!!!!

Ellie Kornexl said...

Also, posted my thoughts here:

Harley said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! we totally need to talk! I AM STILL FrEAKING OUT

Christi Lynn said...

i am seeing it tonight! and i have been avoiding all blog posts about it. dont want any spoilers! i will love to discuss it after i see it! haha

beth said...

I'm so jealous. I don't see it until TOMORROW. Living at home with no friends is sooo fun.. :)

He & Me said...

*hand raising*

Crystle said...

I watched it today. I didn't read the book, so I probably missed a bunch. Still, it was way good. Makes me want to be fight-to-the-death-athlete.